The Pembrey Conservation Trust operates in partnership with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Butterfly Conservation Trust to support the wider management within the 2,700 acre NRW forest here at Pembrey. Visitors can access the 35km of woodland trails on foot, bicycle or horseback from the neighbouring country park. 

(Please Note: Carmarthenshire County Council do not own, lease or manage any part of the NRW Pembrey Forest.)

Our volunteers help to maintain and improve butterfly and other habitats alongside access routes and picnic areas within the NRW woods. The woods host regular organised competitive events and receive an estimated sixty five thousand visits per annum.

Pembrey Conservation Trust is open to all and welcomes volunteers to support habitat management, woodland products fabrication, and recreational maintenance.

Access:  The pines and shell trail route maps are available as downloads from the NRW website. 

A general point of reference route MAP for walkers can be downloaded HERE (English) and HERE (Welsh).